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  • 5 Nov 2014

NEF Transforming Youth Services project generates interest in coproduction

The final report from a PHF grant to New Economics Foundation has detailed a range of outcomes from its Transforming Youth Services project.

We supported NEF with £149,000 over 30 months from 2011–14 to work closely with Cornwall and Lambeth councils. The aim was to create, through action research, a blueprint for local authority commissioners and service providers to ‘co-produce’ services for young people in the form of a guide for commissioners.

Now completed, the project has been greeted with interest from other councils, with NEF’s final report downloaded over 1000 times. The Cabinet Office is including the report in guidance to local authorities for a £500,000 Fund on Delivering Differently for Young People.

By the end of 2014 the NEF team will have delivered training to 150 commissioners, and it is exploring the possibility of generating income from such training. An extensive resource pack for other authorities on coproduction with young people has also been produced.

This high level of interest may have been assisted by NEF building communications planning in from the start of the project and working with networks such as the Local Government Association to attract attention to the project’s aims and activities.