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Our Neighbourhood Fund

Our Neighbourhood Fund is for organisations that support people experiencing severe forms of disadvantage within in one mile of Paul Hamlyn Foundation’s offices in Kings cross London. Funding is available by invitation only.

Whilst the Foundation makes grants across the UK and intends to continue this approach, this locally focused funding initiative has been set up in response to the rising levels of hardship and disadvantage we can see on our doorstep. Our Neighbourhood Fund will allocate 1% of PHF’s annual grant funding to support local people and organisations working in and around our offices. We want to learn how to be a good neighbour and encourage others to do the same, to think about how we can all contribute to those we live with, work with and share ground with.

In this first round of the fund, the following organisations have been identified and visited by staff and trustees to ensure resources are made available to organisations that are well placed to support local people when they need it. We look forward to developing meaningful relationships with local organisations that can further our understanding of how best to support our neighbours and make sure we deploy all our assets to best effect locally.

PHF has made grants to the following: