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  • 5 Dec 2017

Artworks Legacy Funding Project Evaluation

DHA was appointed to undertake the evaluation of ArtWorks legacy funded projects in May 2015; this follows DHA’s evaluation of the Pathfinders funded under the period of ArtWorks as a Paul Hamlyn Foundation (PHF) special initiative. The final evaluation of the Pathfinders was published in March 2015.

This report has used again some of the mapping and analytical approaches which were developed for the evaluation of the Pathfinders, which includes a theory of the way in which the intervention might bring about change, and places the ArtWorks activities and interventions against this theory.

Not all of the activities which are being funded as ArtWorks legacy funded projects have been completed at the time of writing this report; in two cases – for the MOOC Project and ArtWorks Alliance- activities undertaken with support from the grant from PHF will continue for at least another year. It is also worth noting that, whilst the grant period for several projects has finished, many of the former

Pathfinders already have plans for future activities. Where possible, this evaluation will seek to recognise the context of these ongoing plans and activities.

This report contains a method statement and analyses of projects over two years of activity. In the conclusion and executive summary the report brings together the key findings and areas of learning.