Strategic priorities

We have selected six strategic priorities where we wish to see change in the UK. We anticipate that they will run for the lifetime of this strategy. The ways in which we address them and the resources we allocate to them may develop at moments of review and evaluation. If circumstances change, we may add new priorities to this list.

1. Nurturing people and ideas

We want to support imaginative people to nurture exciting ideas.

2. Arts access and participation

We want to widen access and participation in the arts.

3. Education and learning through the arts

We want to improve people’s education and learning through the arts.

4. Arts evidence

We want to show that the arts make a difference to people’s lives.

5. Working with young people

We want to support the development and growth of organisations investing in young people and positive change.

6. Migration and integration

We want to improve support for young people who migrate, and strengthen integration so that communities can live well together.