We want to play our part in pioneering philanthropy, both as an independent grant-maker and as a partner to others in seeking to achieve social justice. With over 10,000 charitable trusts and foundations in the UK distributing almost £3bn of grants, there is a duty for us all to ensure that we target our resources in the most effective way.

Unlike statutory funders, foundations can take risks, offer support over longer periods and back causes that feel risky to others. With this freedom comes a responsibility to ensure we are working together to create the best possible environment for the organisations and individuals we want to support.

Sometimes, this means working with others to make our joint resources go further, sometimes this means brokering intelligence and expertise to help others achieve their vision for social change and sometimes it means stepping back to learn.

We are committed to developing shared approaches to philanthropy, promoting collaboration and investing in innovation.

We aim to complement the strategic support of our main funds through additional initiatives that build sector voice, promote their independence and support them to adapt for the future.

We also want to be a good neighbour, and encourage others to do the same. We commit 1% of our grant funding annually to support people experiencing disadvantage and hardship within a mile radius of our offices in Kings Cross.